Hello! *waves frantically*

Hello to all of you wonderful bloggers! Is it official? Can I now tell everyone I know that I have a blog and that they should follow me to read my awkward writing styles and see tons of my bookstagram pictures??

Because I am definitely doing that. Starting with flooding my bookstagram story telling people to follow me 😉

My site is currently a work in progress, as I have no idea what I am doing it may take some time to find a theme/style that I truly like.

So a little introduction is probably in order:

Hello! my name is Brittany, I am 26 and I live in boring Kansas. Like literally, no authors come here and I know 0 bookstagrammers that live less than 4 hours from me. Nothing. Here. I am Scientist for a pharmaceutical company which is exactly what I want to be doing for my day job!

I am currently trying to make my bookstagram the best it can be and I wanted somewhere else to promote my photos and products that I rep! I also want to incorporate my book reviews as right now I only post them on Goodreads and I doubt anyone actually reads them there so I needed my own space to express myself!

PS. That’s me in the photo! 🙂

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