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Bride of the Sea: Book Review

Happy Monday bloggers! I am presenting to you today my first book review! This one goes out to my amazing friend/author Emma Hamm who has a new book coming out April 3rd! She was kind enough to let me beta read for her AND I am part of a Bookstagram tour to promote her book! My tour date happens to be April 3rd!

Bride of the Sea is a wonderful retelling of a classic story we have all come to love: The Little Mermaid. This story though has a darker side to it, with some Irish mythology and Faerie folklore weaved in between the lines.

I started reading Emma’s books with Heart of the Fae and immediately fell in love with her style of writing and the originality of the stories themselves. I love a good retelling that involves my favorites: Faeries. This story has a different kind of Fae which I was enticed to read about because I hadn’t seen them in other books: Merrows! I love a good story about Mermaids and I feel they are few and far between!

Bride of the Sea was a wonderful companion novel in her Otherworld Series and I cannot wait for her other companion novels coming out later this year! As for the story itself: Bride of the Sea is about Saoirse and her desire to find love and explore the land above her. When a ship crashes nearby she finds a sailor who has survived and Saoirse saves him by taking him to a Faerie island! This mysterious sailor dreams of the sea and the jewels sunken within but he has to find a way off the island. Saoirse and the sailor both plan to use each other to get what they desire but in the end they find it more difficult than anticipated as their souls begin to intertwine.

This was such a refreshing tale full of love and folklore. And a hot scruffy sailor? *swoon*

I highly recommend this story to all. It is light, and fun, and mysterious, but I also found myself gasping at certain times and fearful at others! It plays at your emotions, which is the best kind of story to me. The character development in this book is also superb. Character development is something I always gripe about so congratulations Emma, you impressed me with how much these characters not only learned about themselves but how they evolved because of the situations they went through.

This is my first 5 star review for one of Emma’s books (I gave the others 4’s), and it deserves nothing short of it! Wonderful book Emma.

I received this book as a beta read/ARC from Emma in exchange for an honest review 🙂

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