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To Kill A Kingdom: Book Review

I received To Kill A Kingdom as an ARC from Netgalley and Macmillan Publishing for an honest review 🙂 and Yes i know that this book was released a week ago but I did actually read it before it was published!
To Kill A Kingdom is a dark and twisty retelling of The Little Mermaid. Or rather, a backwards retelling. To Kill A Kingdom is about Lira, a sign revered across the sea for how ruthless she is in taking the hearts of princes. When she disobeys her mother, the Sea Queen, she is transformed into a human until she can bring Prince Elian’s heart to her mother to prove her worth.
What Lira doesn’t anticipate is what she learns along the way of what it means to be human and how corrupt her sea kingdom truly is. The depth of her character and how she evolves over the length of the book was astounding to me. There was no one point to me where she just suddenly changed, she learned throughout the story and changed over time which I truly loved.
There was a little romance in the story but it was by no means insta-love, which is a trope that I truly dislike so I appreciate the effort to let the romance develop over time. And the characters themselves were incredible. I want more books, and I want spin-off books that focus on supporting characters. I hope there is a sequel that delves deeper into the sea kingdom because I desire MORE world building, even though there was so much in this story!
This book deserves all the stars, and it definitely gets 5 from me!

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