Scythe : Book Review


Scythe is an incredible read. Seriously. Why are you still sitting here reading this review WHEN YOU COULD BE READING THE ACTUAL BOOK.

Neal Shusterman is a great gift to all readers. And he will now be an auto-buy for me because, wow, does he know how to write a novel.

Scythe is the story of Citra and Rowan and their journey through apprenticeship to be a Scythe, where they must glean 5 people a week to balance the birth rate in a world without hunger, poverty, and even death. Humanity has perfected immortality but the rise in births must be kept at bay so people are chosen at random to be gleaned, ie. to be killed.

The scythedom is not a perfect structure though and there is a rise of new age Scythe’s that do not follow the ways of old and it is becoming an issue with other Scythe’s. Rowan and Citra must find a way to overcome these odds and become full members of the Scythedom or risk being gleaned themselves.

How I felt about this story:

The world building was incredible. This is such a unique and intriguing story to me, like nothing I have read before. The story itself, of an immortal world faced with having to choose who needs to die to keep a balance in population is so crazy to me. Could you imagine living in a world such as this!?

The characters are just as amazing as the story itself is. Citra is a force to be reckoned with and I love seeing so much power and strength in a woman! And I couldn’t help but root for Rowan because I wanted him to succeed, coming from being a nobody I was excited to see how his story unfolded!

I cannot wait to finish Thunderhead and then cry because it will probably be another year until the third book comes out.

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