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Nevernight/Godsgrave : Book Review and Darkdawn Cover Reveal!

Happy Tuesday Chums!

Wrong fandom? Possibly. Same author? 100% probability.

I am going to give you a glimpse into the wonderful world of Godsgrave with a *new* book review and show you the US cover for the third book in the series Darkdawn which was unveiled today at!

I say new book review because I have previously reviewed Nevernight and Godsgrave on Goodreads when I read them early last fall but that was before I was trying to really review books and it’s all of like 5 sentences so I’m writing a fresh one.

Godsgrave is the sequel to the highly popular book Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. It tells the story of Mia Corvere and her attempts to exact revenge on the powerhouse people who destroyed her family when she was a child. Mia has a special power on her side, one that allows her the ability to speak to and control her shadow who is aptly named Mr Kindly. Mia and Mr. Kindly live in a world full of three suns that only set during Truedark which limits her powers while the suns are out but when they finally do set she can use her powers to her full ability and I am honestly TOO excited to see where this goes in Darkdawn.

Nevernight was spent exploring the world Mia lives in while showing us how ruthless she can be in her attempt at revenge when she joins the Red Church to train and potentially become a Blade of the Lady of Blessed Murder while also trying to uncover answers about who she is because her powers are not common and she has no idea how they came about or what the full extent of them are.


In Godsgrave we see Mia dealing with the aftermath of the events in Nevernight as an old foe reappears and stories begin to unfold of the Red Church and Mia’s loyalty towards them begins to unravel. When given the opportunity to face her family’s murderers at the finale of the Godsgrave grand games she sells herself to a gladiatorial collegium to compete in the games in the hope of meeting with her nemeses.

Both of these books were extremely well written. The story is incredibly unique and is written in the format of footnotes with extra information that is a sarcastic sassy voice and makes the story very impressive. That type of format was hard for me to get into and understand at first but as I got further into the story I found that I truly liked it.

Mia is an incredible character and is so intricate. She has flaws and knows it and isn’t afraid to admit it but is also a badass and doesn’t take shit from anyone and honestly that is so impressive to me. The characters are so well written I actually feel for them throughout the story. I find myself loving characters and truly despising others which to me means that they were written very well.

Also the world building, which is always one of my favorite parts of a story, was amazing. It left me wanting more. More details. More stories. More information about all of the nooks and crannies of this crazy city. I hope we get to see more of Godsgrave in Darkdawn! And since I have rambled on for days, and if you’re still reading this I applaud you, before I go I want to show you how beautiful the cover for Darkdawn is!


I mean, I have so many questions. Why is there a snake in her shadow? What is this magnificent headdress she is wearing? What is she standing in, because it looks like the bones or rib cage of something giant and I don’t want to wait FOR OVER HALF A YEAR to read this book!

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