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Children of Blood and Bone : Book Review

Happy Easter bookworms! I have just finished Children of Blood and Bone, because how else do you celebrate Easter, and oh my word was it an incredible experience.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ from me! And it deserves every bit of those 5 stars. Ms Adeyemi you have a masterpiece on your hands and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the next two books!

It took me exactly a week to read this but it’s not from a lack of storyline, action, or interest but simply because this book is LONG, at 525 pages it just won’t be finished in a couple hours which I thought was excellent for this story. Being so long the plot never felt rushed to me and the big action scenes (and there were a lot of heart pounding moments) were explored deeply which only served the story.

Children of Blood and Bone is an African inspired fantasy set in the fictitious world of Orïsha (there is a beautiful map included of this magnificent world!). There are many common young adult themes in this book; princes and princesses in-sighting an uprising, racism and injustice to many different groups of HUMANS, and a fast paced adventure to fight for the return of magic against those who wish to destroy it.

One of my favorite concepts of this story is Adeyemi’s ability to make you stop and think about the parallels of this story to our own corrupt world. Yes this is a fantasy inspired story of magic but it also draws on the horrid way people treat each other based on the color of their skin or the differences we have from each other. This story made me ball my eyes out at times.

Not to get too personal in a book review but I have been subjected to discrimination based on the color of my skin. My boyfriend is Indian, as is his whole family and they judge me because I am white and I “don’t belong” in their family, or they are sad that their son will no longer have an arranged marriage to a woman of Indian ethnicity, or I “will never understand their culture”. And that hurts. I am still a human being with feelings and honestly it is truly hurtful being judged only for the color of my skin and not for who I am as a person.

The story is of Zélie and her attempt to perform a ritual on a sacred island only visible once every hundred years to restore the magic that was ripped from her people by the King of Orïsha, Saran. She must complete this by the coming solstince so all divîners and maji will have a fighting chance of staying alive after the genocide of their elders, including Zélie’s mother 11 years earlier, and the current ploy to rid of the world of the remaining divîners and maji. This story ripped me to shreds.

The books is written through three alternating perspectives, Zélie, Princess Amari, and Prince Inan and how their stories intertwine throughout the book. The characters are complex beings with real emotions that actually pull real feelings out of the reader. They very naturally grew and changed and learned throughout the story and it made me care deeply for all of them. They have real life problems that can relate to readers that have been through similar emotional traumas. This is probably why these characters resonated so much with me.

This book was extremely hyped going into it and honestly it completely lived up to it and exceeded it. I had no idea there would be so may real world parallels that would make the story feel real to me which only made me immerse myself more into this beautiful world Adeyemi has created. And honestly the ending, HOW DARE YOU LEAVE US AT THE EDGE OF THIS CLIFF MS ADEYEMI. I am completely hooked, and the next book being published cannot come soon enough ❤

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