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Gemina : Book Review


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ from me!

Gemina begins hot off the heels of Illuminae, at the edge of the galaxy aboard jump station Heimdall. Yes I said jump station Heimdall because Gemina focuses on a brand new set of characters in a whole new thrilling story! Nervous to read Gemina because of the switch from Kady and Ezra? Don’t be! This tale was honestly, somehow, equally and impressively maybe even better than Illuminae! (and surprise, the story connects to Kady and Ezra’s so never fear!)

So much so that I read half of the book, yes half of it, in one sitting!

Gemina starts with Hanna and Nik in a battle to save the station from the next BeiTech assault to attempt to cover up the Kerenza attack while simultaneously trying not to become prey to an alien predator attacking the station as well!

Kristoff and Kauffman are at their best with this story. I can only imagine how incredible Obsidio is considering all I hear is chatter of how perfectly the series ends! Can’t wait to review that one!

The characters of Hanna and Nik are entirely different from Kady and Ezra. Hanna is the queen bee of the station being the daughter of the stations commander, but she is flawed, and wonderfully, she knows this. Hanna goes through so much growth in this novel it’s a wonder she’s the same person at the end. She’s strong, and brave, and confident, but can also be vulnerable. Nik is the penultimate bad boy that has always pined after Hanna and now has the opportunity to not only prove his worth to her but to also help save not only the station but potentially the whole universe with the potential collapse of the stations wormhole. Oh I didn’t mention that earlier? I’m telling you, this story is bonkers.

The writing style is the same as Illuminae with the redacted case files and chat sessions and AAAAAAIIIIDDDDDAAAAANNNNN. He is my absolute favorite character. Just the same as Illuminae I listened to the audiobook while also reading the physical book in front of me and let me tell you it makes a world of difference. The audiobook has a full cast, so every character has their own voice and expressions and interpretations and it truly brings the story to life. I highly recommend it if you feel the formatting of the book would not work for you. The audiobook gives reading the book a unique experience, it makes me feel like I am a part of the story and immersed in their world. It’s an amazing way to get lost in a book.

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