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Batman Nightwalker : Book Review

It is dreadful to me that I have to do this but I must be honest with myself and in my reviews and Batman Nightwalker only gets ⭐ ⭐ from me.

The 2 star rating is not for a lack of Marie Lu’s writing style, honestly I have always been intrigued with Warcross and its upcoming sequel. But that aside, Batman just did nothing for me as a novel. It was entirely average and forgettable.

Batman Nightwalker is the second book in the new DC Icons series, revolving around DC characters as teenagers and their tribulations as they come into who they are meant to be. This concept worked extremely well for Leigh Bardugo in Wonder Woman Warbringer, but not so much for Batman.

The story itself was just entirely too forgettable. It was extremely predictable and every major scene was dripping in classic young adult tropes that you love to hate but actually just end up hating. The story focuses on an eighteen year old Bruce Wayne, before he ever becomes Batman (to me the title is extremely deceiving as “Batman” never actually makes an appearance) and is your typical brooding and charming white male teenager with a lot of money that gets him out of breaking the law and only has to do “community service” in Arkham Asylum where he quickly falls into an insta-love situation with A PRISONER but oh he just loves her so much there’s no way she could ever be lying to him or potentially use him to escape Arkham and cause havoc on Gotham City.



I honestly love the story of Batman, the actual story from the comics. But this Bruce is not someone I would ever trust to become Batman and be the anti-hero Gotham City needs and deserves.

By the end of the 250 pages containing nothing but tropes and rushed plot I honestly don’t think I even actually read the last 5 pages because I was just done. Going into a book and knowing what’s going to happen simply because the plot is so predictable just really takes everything out of the story for you.

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