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Circe : Book Review

|”But in a solitary life, there are rare moments when another soul dips near yours, as stars once a year brush the earth. Such a constellation was he to me.” |

I am putting Circe in the forever unhelpful 3 star category. Or, maybe it is helpful to those who will see a 3 star rating as me being completely honest.

I bought Circe mainly because the cover is pretty and super shiny and was at a steal of a price on Amazon so I honestly couldn’t pass it up. And a story about Olympians and demi-gods and I was immediately intrigued. It did take me nearly 2 weeks to get through this because it never truly gripped me.

Circe left me unsatisfied.

The things I really enjoyed:
1. The writing was beautiful and enchanting. This is what stole the show for me honestly. Everything in this story was so vividly described I felt like I was a part of this ancient world and I loved it.

2. The mythology. I have always enjoyed stories of ancient gods and goddesses and Circe was no exception. There were so many characters in this book that I had remembered from previous stories I have read or pretended to read in High School like The Odyssey.

Things I did not enjoy:
1. Honestly, the story. I liked the idea of a story about Circe but what I didn’t enjoy was there was essentially nothing happening with the plot. Nothing to move the story forward. It was a lot of descriptions (which again, I loved that) but not a lot of action to pair with the descriptions. When big action points would start to happen they would fizzle out before anything monumental happened. OR if something crazy did happen, I was left unsatisfied because they happened so quickly and there was no depth to what was happening.

2. The characters. While I enjoyed the idea of having a story full of ancient gods and goddesses I never truly cared about any of them. It didn’t matter to me when Circe would continue to live on while the mortals around her withered. It didn’t matter to me whether Circe would ever find a way out of her exile.

3. The ending. I was not expecting the story to end the way it did. Sort of on a cliffhanger but also not really because it is implied what happens and endings like that infuriate me because it leaves you stewing over it forever as to whether it happened or not. AND if there is no sequel to Circe then I will forever have to ponder what happened and I just can’t accept that as a sound ending.

If you like descriptive writing and stories of Olympians and demi-gods then I do recommend this book to you. But if you need a more plot driven action filled book then I would tell you to skip out on this one.

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