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Sky in the Deep : Book Review

I have mixed feelings about Sky in the Deep. I am still going to give it 4 stars but the more I think about it the more I am considering dropping it to 3. We shall see.

Sky in the Deep opens with the best chapter of the book, one that will truly suck you into this marvelous tale of two warring Viking clans. The first chapter was full of blood and guts and brutal action sequences and a cliffhanger of an ending when Eeelyn sees her brother who died 5 years prior fighting WITH the enemy clan, the Riki.

How could you not be drawn in with a setup like that? We are shown that Eelyn has been trained her entire life to be a warrior for the Aska, and it was impressively shown in that first chapter but somewhere throughout the story Eelyn lost her ability to impress me as this fierce warrior. She gets captured by her supposedly dead brother and Fiske. She attempts to escape several times, with no success. Eventually she begins to enjoy being around Fiske and his family, she even helps save them when ANOTHER enemy clan raids the village. This ‘common enemy’ between the Aska and the Riki forces the two clans to cease their warring to fight with each other to destroy said common enemy.
This common enemy had me confused because they quite literally came out of nowhere. I wanted more information on them than what I was given. All I know is they go around raiding villages, killing and kidnapping people, and that they were about 800 strong. I need more than that.

Speaking of 800 strong, I was expecting an EPIC final between the enemy and Aska/Riki. Instead we were shown some quickly thrown together action sequence that seemed quite ridiculous to me. It only lasted maybe 5 pages and there was no suspense, you went into this final battle knowing what the outcome would be.

The romance between Eelyn and Fiske; oh, did I not mention that above? Yeah, Eelyn fell in love with the same person that kidnapped her and shot an arrow through her shoulder. Quite the romantic that one. It was a cute little romance between them but it felt forced and too easy.

The main reason I think I will still give Sky in the Deep 4 stars is because I did like the idea of the story. I do love Viking lore and I hope we get more stories similar to it. The writing was also breathtaking! The descriptors were entrancing and immediately drew me into this beautiful world.

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