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The Faceless Woman : Book Review

I received an ARC of The Faceless Woman from Emma in exchange for my honest review.

And my review will start with the fact that this is HANDS DOWN Emma’s best book yet.

|life could be good if she only remembered the possibilities|

The Faceless Woman starts with a fire. Literally. Aisling, a witch who lives in the human realm is being run out of her town for simply being herself. When she begins praying for a quick death an Unseelie Prince appears in the crowd and her natural response is to curse him. Not just a regular curse, but a binding curse. One that would force him to save her to also save himself. As the Unseelie Prince saves Aisling he only wants one thing from her, to have her remove the binding curse but what he doesn’t know is that she can’t.

Because of Aisling’s curse her and the Unseelie are forced to travel to the Otherworld to attempt to break the curse. What they find along the way though is a respect and understanding for each other and what they desire, but also secrets and betrayal that will define their relationship.

|No, humans were not kind. They did not know how to be generous to those they deemed different.|

First and foremost: Aisling and Bran’s bantering, bickering, sarcastic relationship is straight up #goals. I relate to Aisling on an extremely deep level because I am always told I can be the sassiest most sarcastic person so seeing that in her made me extremely happy. To see this witch stand up to others for what she believes is right, to see her stand up for what she wants and to not back down for anyone but herself is feminism at its finest.

|she wore her wit and sarcasm like a badge of pride when they were really a shield against the world|

Bran’s ability to get under Aisling’s skin and eventually get her to begin breaking down that wall that closes her off from everyone was truly beautiful to watch. To see Aisling begin to trust Bran on a level that she never has before was character development at its best. Bran and Aisling went through such an ordeal together and they came out as different, better people for it and seeing that development between them warmed my cold bitter heart.

|“I’ll hold you through the whole thing,” he murmured. “I won’t let go, no matter how the storm rages.”|

I have read all of Emma’s Otherworld books and I was happy to yet again see another glimpse into this world with this book primarily taking part in the Unseelie Court which I loved so much! This part of the world was so dark and mysterious but still beautiful and made me envious that I have to live in the drab human realm. I loved seeing all of the different creatures that lurk in the Unseelie Court, especially Bran 😉 I will FOREVER love him and all his raven feathered gorgeousness. If Aisling decides half raven men aren’t her thing I will take him off her hands because DAMN.

|Beast and man melded into one mysterious figure who had stepped out of the shadows like an ancient god|

Okay, that’s all folks. Go read this book. You don’t even have to read the other 3 for this to make complete sense. This book is amazing. Emma is amazing. Go be her friend and read her books.

Oh by the way! This book releases on July 3rd and you can pre-order it here!

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