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Save the Date : Book Review

Hello lovely readers! I have taken an extended absence, for reasons unknown. I think maybe I was feeling less than creative enough to write a review, my instagram has also been suffering thanks to the algorithm lately but I think I have found my groove again and found a style of picture I love again.

I decided this weekend I wanted a quick fun and cute read that I could finish quickly to help get me back into the reading game!

Save the Date is about Charlie Grant and her large loving family as they all reunite under one roof for a crazy and often overwhelming weekend to celebrate the wedding of her older sister. Only, this is no ordinary wedding because literally anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

The following will be spoiler-y so if you want to read the book without spoilers, then read no further.


  • Story line focused on a large, loud, loving family
  • Really cute comic strips that I would have loved to see more of
  • I loved the style of writing. It was cute without being fluffy and overly using metaphors which was nice
  • Character development for Charlie was evident and I loved seeing her grow. Teenage years can be rough so I understand the struggles she went through.


  • This book really like more of a movie production to me. They story was so ridiculous at times it could be a rom-com that teenage girls find hilarious.
  • The wedding story line was seriously ridiculous. Literally anything that could have gone wrong, DID go wrong. For example:
    • Rodney had his tux at the dry cleaners. Dry cleaner gave suit to wrong guy. Wrong guy liked the tux that wasn’t his SO much that he wore it, even though it didn’t fit AND then refused to give it back “because possession is ninth-tenths of the law”
    • Decorations for rehearsal dinner ended up at a nine year old birthday party and vice versa, so everything was Australian themed.
    • Older sister getting married invited her ex boyfriend from an entire decade ago to the wedding and he naturally tried to serenade her in the middle of her ceremony during the “if anyone has any objections” bit
    • Much like the decorations the wedding band was sent to the wrong party over NINE HOURS AWAY and the only option was the band from the other party, which was a Journey cover band! *rolls eyes* #iwouldhavebeenpissed
    • And there’s like 25 other examples but this review would end up being as long as the book if I complained about them all.
  • The romance between Charlie and Jesse was honestly cringe-worthy. I knew from the moment he showed up on the page that he was no good and would end up only wanting her for a good time, not for anything serious like she wanted. Lo and behold 400 pages later he turns out to kind of be a prick and a womanizer.

So okay, I feel as if I’ve been a little harsh with this review but I went into it expecting a little more honestly. I did enjoy the story; it was funny and light-hearted and I truly enjoy her writing style. I wouldn’t say no to reading more of her books honestly. After some pondering though I just still can’t get over how absolutely absurd everything related to the wedding going horribly wrong was. I give Save the Date ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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