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Strange the Dreamer : Book Review

What can I say about Strange the Dreamer, other than this is the best read I have had in a VERY LONG TIME. Absolutely all the god damn stars for this book.

|It seemed impossible that people could live at all with such flimsy stuff as skin keeping blood, breath, and spirit safe inside their bodies|

Strange the Dreamer begins with Lazlo Strange, a nobody librarian who is constantly made fun of for always having his head in the clouds dreaming about the lost city of Weep. That is, until Tizerkane warriors show up on his libraries’ doorstep and his life is changed forever as he is whisked away on a magical journey to the lost city itself.

Lazlo is thrown into a world completely unknown from his own as he tries to help the Godslayer, Eril-Fane, restore Weep to its former glorly and rid the city of the mysterious problem it houses. While in Weep Lazlo begins dreaming of Sarai, a blue skinned gorgeous goddess who, unknown to Lazlo, is a Godspawn and can warp his dreams into his worst nightmares. She is the Muse of Nightmares.

This book is enchanting in all the right ways. It immediately draws you in with the symbolic and absolutely endearing writing. The story-line was incredible and unique and left me craving more. The detailing was incredible, there is no other way to put it. Everything that happened, every location, was so richly explained I felt I was part of this world. I could picture every scene perfectly and wanted so badly to be a part of this story.

|And that’s how you go on. You lay laughter over the dark parts. The more dark parts, the more you have to laugh. With defiance, with abandon, with hysteria, any way you can|

I need more of this world. The characters were well thought out and I thought their development throughout the story was at a perfect pace. I have so many questions left unanswered that the sequel, Muse of Nightmares, cannot come soon enough.

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