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When reading Tower of Dawn interferes with the release of Kingdom of Ash

To prepare for Kingdom of Ash releasing yesterday I re-read the entire Throne of Glass series. Which, overall I believe is a 5 star series and is one of if not my absolute favorite young adult series. But, this was my first read of Tower of Dawn. I somehow managed to not prepare early enough for this series reread and here I am, a day after Kingdom of Ash releases and I am just now finishing Tower of Dawn. This book is told in parallel to Empire of Storms but instead of telling us Aelins’ story it revolves around Chaol, Nesryn, and Yrene Towers and their time in Antica.

Tower of Dawn is a solid 3.5 or 4 star read for me. Don’t get bogged down by my amount of stars, I did not think it was a perfect book but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The story it told was a good bridge to bring us right to the start of Kingdom of Ash.

I never thought I would go into Tower of Dawn and actually enjoy the story. That is simply because it is about Chaol’s story to healing his broken back and his broken spirit. I know a lot of readers actually seriously dislike Chaol because of the things he has done in his past. I on the other hand, do not dislike him in the slightest but no he is not my favorite. After reading Tower of Dawn now though I have a new appreciation for his character and his purpose in the overall storyline.
This was a great book to get inside Chaol’s head and learn more about why he chose the actions he did in previous books and the repercussions from them and how he deals with it. Because of these actions we are brought to his healers story as well. Yrene Towers, Chaol’s healer, is a badass strong fierce woman and I loved every second of her story. We were first introduced to her WAY BACK when in The Assassin’s Blade and I was so happy to see her again and learn what happened to her.

In addition to Yrene’s story we also were able to see more of Nesyrn, and she as well is a fantastic addition to the Throne of Glass series long list of strong independent women. She does not apologize for her actions or who she is, and she remains strong for herself and her people.

The main reason I am not giving this book a 5 star review is because the first 70% of the book roughly, was too slow for me. With this series I am used to constant action and scheming and this book did not hold up to it and I was considering giving it an even lower rating but the last 30% of the book more than made up for it. It’s almost as if since this book takes place in a different part of Erilea, SJM wanted to give us as much detail and world building as possible. That is fine and all but it seemed to be like a lot of world building and then all the action/big reveals shoved into the very end of the story *shrugs*

I’ve seen some people trying to decide if reading this parallel story is necessary before reading Kingdom of Ash and my answer to you would be yes, yes you absolutely should even if you dislike Chaol. This story answers several questions and reveals even more mysteries that I feel would be confusing in Kingdom of Ash if you go into it unaware.

Much love.

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