Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday (bookish edition!)

I am not the creator of Thankful Thursday but I honestly don’t know who is, so if you know please let me know so I can give proper credit!

Today I am going to be showing my thanks to the authors who have changed me for the better in the past year. Those that have shown me kindness and friendship, those that taught me a valuable lesson, those that I just discovered and am so sad I haven’t been reading their books all along.

In no particular order other than going from top to bottom in my photo:

1. Emma Hamm

  • To Emma, thank you for being a light in my life. You have shown me true kindness and friendship in the bookish community and I cannot thank you enough. I remember over a year ago (before Heart of the Fae was even released!) when I was so nervous to message you asking to be a part of your team! Look how far we have come since then! I am absolutely honored you let me beta read for you and promote your books and boxes! Oh, also for letting me be a rep for your candle company, it truly means the world to me. I hope 2019 is even more spectacular for you than 2018 was. I cannot wait to see what your next stories will be and to binge read them like crazy!


2. Cassandra Clare

  • Cassandra’s novels are actually incredibly new to me! I am only about 50% of the way through City of Bones, even though I have owned the entire series for a while! I was nervous to start these since the Shadowhunter series is massive and daunting and I know it’s going to be heartwrenching. Even though I am still new to this world I have heard so much about it, and I know I am going to love it, possibly even devour it. Novels about Fae, magic, demons, and so much more are my absolute favorite and I am so thankful I have this series to read for quite a while yet!


3. Holly Black

  • Holly Black was another new author for me this year with The Cruel Prince but holy gods did I absolutely love her writing. She showed such a dreamy and fantastic Fae world that I wish I could live in myself. With one of my favorite tropes ever, enemies to lovers, and a complex, wicked Prince to contend with, there was nothing I didn’t love about this book. Jude was the sassy fierce woman I desire to be. So thank you to Holly for putting this marvelous series in my life, I cannot wait for The Wicked King!


4. Laini Taylor

  • I read Strange the Dreamer this fall and fell ABSOLUTELY in love with Laini’s writing style and the magical world she created. Her writing is dreamy and metaphorical and it was the first book that’s ripped my heart out and made me ball my eyes out basically the last 50 pages. Laini showed me what it means to fight for what you love without holding back, and that it’s okay to love books more than anything else. I hold Strange the Dreamer extremely close to my heart.


5. Sarah J Maas

  • I feel like lately Sarah’s books have been getting a lot of negative reviews, and I understand, I really do. But I still love her books for what they are, a fun whimsical adventure with memorable characters. ACOMAF is still one of my favorite reads ever and I’ll tell you why, because it taught me that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to take your time healing, it is okay to need space, but that it is not okay for someone to invalidate your feelings or emotions. This was exhibited in Kingdom of Ash as well and I love the message Sarah sends that sometimes the only you need is yourself.


6. Leigh Bardugo

  • As we prepare for King of Scars to release SO SOON I wanted to express my admiration to Leigh about her marvelous characters and stories she created. The Six of Crows duology had me on my toes the E N T I R E time and I loved all of the twists and turns I never saw coming. Not to mention the infamous Kaz! I feel like Leigh’s books showed me that it’s okay to be different from others but that no matter what you should be true to yourself and love yourself for those differences. There’s only one you.


I hope you enjoyed my bookish rendition of Thankful Thursday! I’m sure the formatting of this post is not great because unfortunately all I have is my phone, so when I get home on Saturday I will make it more appealing to you!

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