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The Raven’s Ballad : Book Review

I recieved The Raven’s Ballad before publication in exchange for an honest review.

First and foremost, I am absolutely in love with the dark creepy foreboding cover. Absolute perfection.

Aside from writing fantastic retellings of beloved stories, Emma is amazing at writing strong, fierce, independent women and I absolutely love that about her books. The 5 books I have read by Emma have all been centered around these strong fierce women and I will be the first to tell you how empowering it made me feel. I love seeing these women portrayed as the hero, as someone that doesn’t need to stand by and wait for a man to come rescue her.

The Raven’s Ballad is the second book to The Faceless Woman which was by and far my favorite in her Otherworld series because we were introduced to our main characters, Aisling and Bran! If you have not read The Faceless Woman, Heart of the Fae, or Veins of Magic I truly recommend it because there are events in all of these that culminate in The Raven’s Ballad. I was not expecting any of Emma’s other novels and characters to make an appearance in this one so that was a pleasant surprise! Honestly I gave my review an extra star for how wonderful it was all put together seeing her other stories playing out in this one with Bran and Aisling.
In The Faceless Woman we see Bran and Aisling make their way across the Otherworld and the Unseelie lands to eventually become the Raven King and Raven Queen. Their kingdom and crowns come with a price though, Bran turns into a Raven during the night while Aisling turns into a Swan during the day. This leaves them with little time to spend together and makes ruling their land difficult when they essentially rule separate and alone. The Raven King picks up not long after The Faceless Woman ended and we see Bran and Aisling struggling with the way things are. Not one to bear being put out like this, Aisling takes it upon herself to try and find a break to their dreadful curses. Adventures ensue and we find Bran and Aisling separate again but for different reasons as they both go their own ways to not only find each other but to find a way where they can truly be together forever.

My favorite thing about this series is that Bran and Aisling have an incredible chemistry together. Bran teases Aisling to no end, they bicker constantly, they’re both bull headed, but it makes for an interesting pair because they push each other just enough but never too far. They both care about each other so intensely that I loved seeing the actions they made for the others behalf.

If Fairytales, retellings, or Fae are anywhere near your cup of tea then I highly recommend this book and series to you! This was another incredible story from Emma and I urge you to pre-order this bad boy and give it a go because you will not be disappointed!


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