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City of Glass : Book Review

We are finally getting somewhere with this series. The first two books in this series I only rated at 3 stars because they were just, average. Nothing spectacular. City of Glass finally picked up the pace, answered some questions, and was overall a better story with less teenage petty drama. Things, uh, wrapped up pretty nicely in this book and it really seemed like a great place to stop the series ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so I’m not really sure where the series will go from here.

We find our favorite Shadowhunters being thrown into a portal to the City of Glass, in their home country of Idris. Having Luke and Simon along is a problem though because Downworlders are *obvs* not trusted by Shadowhunters, and especially not by the Clave. Because of this Simon is slyly ‘captured’ by the new Inquisitor and literally thrown in a prison cell to try and get him to talk and tell the Inquisitor why he’s a vampire that can now magically walk in the daylight. It’s real weird. You can tell the new Inquisitor is obviously not a good guy. With Valentine possessing two of the Mortal Instruments now, it is only a matter of time before he finds his way to Idris to try and wipe out the population of Downworlders and those Shadowhunters that do not follow and support him. With war looming, tensions are high.

So I’ve been reading a lot of reviews of this book and series, a lot of them are NOT very kind. Some are, but a lot of reviews have pretty negative feeling about the *incest* and the fact that Clare may or may not have been heavily inspired by Harry Potter. I for one, am no one longer bothered by the incest brought up in this series because SPOILER we find out Jace and Clary are not actually siblings so they can go on living their happy lives loving each other now. I actually love Clary and Jace together, I always have. I still do not like Clary by herself though, and I still wish she wasn’t our main character, but it is what it is. Jace more than makes up for her being the plainest, blandest main character ever. As for the accusations that she stole from Harry Potter, and yes I even made comparisons in my review of City of Ashes, but I do not think she stole from HP. We are in an age where there is basically nothing new and nothing original anymore. It is HARD to come up with a concept that has not been done or ever thought about in this day so I understand the need to borrow ideas from other work. Everyone does it. Everyone is inspired by someone or something else.


I truly felt for him in this one. He is so confused by his father/not actual father Valentine and whether he made the right decision in not following him. He is depressed about being in love with Clary but not being able to act on it because of you know, being siblings and all, but YAY FOR NOT BEING SIBLINGS! After finding out newcomer Sebastian is *gasp* actually not Sebastian but the TRUE Johnathon and Clary’s brother (!), Jace is bewildered as to who he actually is.

Max died?
I don’t know, a lot of people seem really upset about this one but it just didn’t hit home for me. I get that he was a kid and his death was kind of unnecessary but I never really felt anything towards him. He was only in like, ten pages of these 3 books.

MAGNUS AND ALEC oh my god I love them so much. Magnus may be one of my favorite characters and I’m actually really excited to get to The Bane Chronicles and learn more about him. I also love him and Alec in this book. Also, YAY for Alec coming out! They deserve all the happiness.

Everything in this book basically wrapped itself up. Valentine is destroyed by an Angel and the war literally lasted 10 minutes, so that’s cool. I was a little surprised to see Valentine defeated at the end of this book but I guess it makes sense if this series was only intended to be 3 books and then magically 3 more appeared afterward. I’m curious now to see where the series will go from here, who will the new big bad be?


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