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The Lost Sisters : Book Review

The Lost Sisters is a teeny tiny novella that took me by surprise because I went into it thinking it would be set in between The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King but it turned out to be basically a giant letter to Jude from Taryn justifying her actions and apologizing for everything that happened in The Cruel Prince. I guess that’s what I get for not even bothering to read the synopsis, but at this point I’ll ready anything by Holly Black, so I just jumped right into it.

This is a short, 50 page novella from Taryn’s point of view. This is just a glimpse into how she felt during the events of The Cruel Prince and why she still defends and “loves” Locke. Having absolutely hated Taryn in The Cruel Prince because she is pompous and stupid and reckless, especially when it comes to them faerie boys, I couldn’t help but feel a little slighted by this novella. I wanted something new and fresh, and like I said I anticipated a new story set in between the two books so I was a little underwhelmed by this.

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I tend to dislike most novellas because they are only a tease, just a small look into what otherwise could have been a good long detailed story. In this one we are given very little details and the story jumps around to different parts of The Cruel Prince, there is very little flow to this story, because of this I felt a little disjointed at times. I know this seems unfair to judge on since this is a novella and it’s not supposed to be incredibly detailed because it is only a bridge until The Wicked King releases next month. But UGH it just makes me want more from this world! Even if it is about bimbo Taryn and evil Locke. I guess that is a good thing I feel that way because it leaves me wanting more from the story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I absolutely love Holly Black’s style of writing though, especially in this faerie realm that I am so entranced by. I would probably read Jude’s grocery list if Black felt so inclined to write it. The world she has created here is one I wouldn’t mind living in, we are given so many details about Elfhame without it feeling like an info dump. I also am truly grateful for the amount of development she puts into her characters. The fact that I can feel so negatively towards Taryn only solidifies my opinion that Holly Black is an incredible author and knows how to write her characters well.


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