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Seas of Crimson Silk (ARC) : Book Review


Seas of Crimson Silk

Author: Emma Hamm
Publication Date: January 11, 2019
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 374

I received an e-ARC of Seas of Crimson Silk from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Having loved Emma’s previous work in her Otherworld series I was excited to see her branch out into a different type of fantasy story! Dragon shifter Sigrid has spent her entire life trapped in a cage and forced to keep her dragon side hidden from the world. She has dedicated her life to her country and her king, only to be sold off to marry the boy king Nadir of the enemy kingdom Bymere. All in the hopes of keeping the peace between these two warring empires.

While Sigrid and Nadir both hold their dark secrets, they come to find out there is more to both of their kingdoms than either of them knew. With a war looming between their two peoples, Sigrid and Nadir are forced to choose between their kingdoms and each other.

I truly enjoyed this story of Sigrid and Nadir. It is a very slow burn romance between them and I thought that was a much better pace for this story than trying to rush them into a ‘relationship’ even though they are married. But since they were forced to marry each other I liked seeing them develop feelings, however confusing, for each other over time and do it slowly.

True to Emma’s writing style Sigrid is a fierce badass warrior and I feel so empowered by her. She takes no shit and for the most part knows what she wants in this life, to help her kind and her people. She still has conflicting feelings, especially about Nadir. But I loved that about her, that even though she is this strong fierce woman she is also shown as imperfect. She makes mistakes, she makes big decisions that have large repercussions and she handles it with grace.

The only thing I wish was a little more drawn out was the build up to the war between these two kingdoms. Towards the end there is a lot of tension and I went into the last few chapters thinking that it would just be a buildup to the eventual war and that the actual battling would take place in the second book releasing in February. So, I was surprised when the war actually took place in the last few chapters but because it was towards the end of the book it felt a little rushed to me. I just wanted there to be more details and to have the fighting be more drawn out to really emphasize how badly these kingdoms hate each other.

Other than that, this was another excellent novel by Emma. Wonderful world building across these two lands that we get to see, and I loved the characters inside these kingdoms. This book has a lot of Arabic vibes and honestly a lot of Indian vibes in my opinion. I say this because my boyfriend is Indian, and I recognized a lot of clothing and ceremonies and decorations that his family would have in their home and I loved it! I really enjoyed reading about the cultures in this book and I hope they are expanded on even more in the second book!


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