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December Wrap Up


December was a better reading month for me than November was which is surprising to me since there was the holiday’s to prepare for, work was really busy, and I was sick for a week and couldn’t read without getting a massive headache. Somehow I managed to finish SEVEN books in December! One was a 50 page Novella though, but I do what I want and I totally count it towards my monthly wrap up!

City of Ashes : by Cassandra Clare – turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1

This was a pretty average book to me and it was full of angsty whiny teenagers and the blandest main character. 3 stars because I enjoy Clare’s writing and the world building. You can read my full review here.

Format read : physical paperback book


City of Glass : by Cassandra Clare – turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1

Again, basically the same feelings. I was also slightly underwhelmed by the ending to this trilogy. You can read my full review here.

Format Read: physical paperback book


The Cruel Prince : by Holly Black – turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1

This was my reread to prepare for The Wicked King releasing in just over a WEEK! Still one of my best reads ever, I absolutely devour this story and own 4 different editions now, 3 different physical copies plus the audiobook! You can find my updated full review here.

Format read: Audible audiobook


Clockwork Angel : by Cassandra Clare – turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1

This was a much better start to TID than any of TMI books! I love Will and Jem and can’t wait to continue this series. You can read my full review here.

Format read: Libby audiobook


The Lost Sisters : by Holly Black – turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1

This was a slight disappointment because even though I absolutely love The Cruel Prince I really hate Taryn and this novella was all about Taryn apologizing to Jude and just, ugh. You can read my full review here.

Format read: ebook


Seas of Crimson Silk (ARC) : by Emma Hamm – turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1

I think this is my new favorite book by Emma! This was a different story than her Otherworld retellings and I loved it! This one was all about dragons and political upheaval, I can’t wait for the sequel in February!

Format read: ebook


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone : by J.K. Rowling – turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1turquoise-star-clipart-1

Still a classic. Still a favorite. This is my second read of Harry Potter this year and I have no shame for that. I have the whole series on Audible and I love turning it on at random times, they’re such a comfort read to me.

Format read: Audible audiobook


Alrighty folks there is my last wrap up of 2018! I had a marvelous reading year and I can’t wait to challenge myself even more next year! I can guarantee you there will be more Harry Potter on my wrap up lists!

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