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Zero G : Audiobook Review


Author: Dan Wells
Format: Audible Original Audiobook
Length: 4 hours, 8 min

This is my first fully audiobook review (this story is only available as an audiobook!) and I am very excited about it! Zero G is an Audible original that was available for free last month with membership, when I saw it I immediately grabbed it because it sounded like fun and a cute story!

Zero G is a middle grade Sci-Fi story about Zero and his spaceship full of 20,000 people leaving on a 105 year long trip to a new planet they will be colonizing. With this being such a long trip everyone is placed in pods and kept in stasis until they reach the end of the journey. That is, until Zero’s pod malfunctions and he is the only person awake on the ship, 105 years too early.

This is all fun and games exploring the ship until a band of space pirates boards the ship to take the colonizers hostage so the pirates can transport them to their home planet and enslave them in their mines. With no one else on his ship awake Zero must find a way to get rid of the space pirates all on his own.

This story was basically a giant mashup of Passengers and Home Alone and I absolutely loved it! Zero was a super cute character who is just a kid but was so brave and adventurous throughout this story! He also has a little sassy side to him which I thought was adorable.

I can see elements of Passengers in this story with the malfunction of Zero’s pod and him being the only one awake while still having an AI system to talk to and then finding out that something is horribly wrong. I also see hints of Home Alone with how he chooses to handle getting rid of the space pirates. There were a lot of funny moments and crazy hi-jinks that Zero managed to pull off. There were a lot of elements in this story that reminded me of one of my favorite holiday movies! But because of this I am only giving the *story* aspect a 3 star rating. It was a good story and I liked it but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t read before.

But I will say I give this audiobook 5 stars for the production of it, holy cats the narration is amazing! This story not only comes with a spectacular narrator but also with a FULL cast! I absolutely love audiobooks that have a full cast because it makes the story feel more real to me. With this in mind I am giving this audiobook 4 stars!


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