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The Miserable Mill : Book Review


The Miserable Mill

Author: Lemony Snicket
Publication Date: April 15, 2000
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Children’s
Pages: 194
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

As with the previous books in the Series of Unfortunate Events this one begins with Violet, Klaus, and Sunny being shipped off to live with another completely random and total stranger. This is definitely where three orphans should be going when Count Olaf is still on the loose and trying to steal their tremendous fortune. The Baudelaire children arrive at the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill where, even though they are children, they are forced to WORK in the lumber mill with the other adults and operate very dangerous machinery while only being compensated with coupons. Naturally Count Olaf is not far behind the children and finds a way to yet again intervene and try to steal their money. A lot of mishaps and misfortunes happens along the way at the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill where, unfortunately someone is also seriously hurt!

These books are getting better and darker the further I get into the series. The plot is starting to feel much less middle grade-ish and more Young Adult and I. Am. Here. For. It. As with the previous book, The Wide Window, this one shows more and more how evil and terrible Count Olaf is. In the last book he straight up murdered Aunt Josephine right in front of the children. Now in The Miserable Mill Count Olaf and Foreman Flacutono (he is in charge of running the day to day operations at the mill) tie Charles up on a log and hypnotized Klaus is pushes the log towards a buzz saw! And yes, I said a hypnotized Klaus. Early in the story Klaus’ glasses are broken and he is sent to Dr. Orwell for a new pair, but when he returns Violet and Sunny find he is under *someone else’s* control until the command word is figured out by Violet and Klaus can snap out of it. I’m telling you, these stories are getting dark.

As with The Wide Window I listened to this on audiobook and Lemony Snicket himself narrates it. This one again had something seriously wrong with the audio because there were many times when a yelling part came on and was all but deafening, and then the talking parts were so quiet I had to turn it way up. This resulted in the audio being at max when another yelling part came on and then I was shrieking in my car while driving because it scared me so much. Maybe I shouldn’t rate this way but I dropped this down a star for this causing me so much anxiety ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As is consistent with Lemony Snicket’s books I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved watching Violet, Klaus, and Sunny try to outwit and outsmart Count Olaf and all his dastardly deeds.


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