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The Vile Village : Book Review


The Vile Village

Author: Lemony Snicket
Publication Date: April 24, 2001
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Children’s
Pages: 272
Publisher: Harper Collins

How do you think of words to put down for a review when none come to mind?? I am like, legit baffled right now? Sometimes reviews come out of me so fast it takes longer to set up the tags and photos than it does to actually write it, but right now I’ve been staring at my screen for 20 minutes with nothing but this weird paragraph written? While also being easily distracted by Twitter and trying to find ARC’s I’m in search of. I guess I should try to actually start this review now instead of further digressing.

In The Vile Village we start to learn more about V.F.D! But only enough to keep us intrigued, can’t give us any information that might be useful! Also a lot happens in this book? Weird things, like:

  • A new character is introduced only to be murdered..
  • and the Baudelaire children are accused of his murder and go to jail and have to subsequently stage a breakout?
  • The children are forced to do ALL of the village chores! Like, do your own dishes Barb.
  • There are lots of crows around, probably carrying diseases.
  • Will the children ever go back to school? Education is important and I feel they are falling behind.
  • Sunny learns to walk! Klaus turns 13
  • Speaking of that do we ever learn what the timeline is here? We’re 7 books in and it definitely hasn’t been a year yet? How do so many unfortunate things happen to these children in such a short amount of time???

I did like that there was one *almost* competent adult in this book? Hector took care of the Baudelaire’s by giving them a home and actually feeding them, lots of Mexican food YUM! But Hector had some flaws. He had severe social anxiety when it came to talking to the council, and honestly, same. But this doesn’t excuse him not standing up for the children when they needed it, I mean, he let them go to jail because he was too nervous to speak up and defend them.

Overall nothing major happens in this story. This one to me feels more like a filler before we get to better stories like The Hostile Hospital (creep-tastic ya’ll), I actually think I might bring my review down a star the more I think about it. I have to be honest with my reviews guys, and sometimes I don’t realize what it should *truly* be until I’m almost done writing my review for it. And that’s okay! Oh also, I remember the Netflix series being *better* than the book oops there I said it 🙂


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3 thoughts on “The Vile Village : Book Review”

    1. This is my first time reading these books and they are a lot of fun! Even as an adult! I love the show too, I actually watched that first and then decided to give the books a try!


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