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The Hostile Hospital : Book Review


The Hostile Hospital

Author: Lemony Snicket
Publication Date: January 1, 2001
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Children’s
Pages: 255
Publisher: HarperCollins


Dear Reader,

Before you throw this awful book to the ground and run as far away from it as possible, you should probably know why. This book is the only one which describes every last detail of the Baudelaire children’s miserable stay at Heimlich Hospital, which makes it one of the most dreadful books in the world.

There are many pleasant things to read about, but this book contains none of them. Within its pages are such burdensome details as a suspicious shopkeeper, unnecessary surgery, an intercom system, anaesthesia, heart-shaped balloons, and some very startling news about a fire. Clearly you do not want to read about such things.

I have sworn to research this story, and to write it down as best I can, so I should know that this book is something best left on the ground, where you undoubtedly found it.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

Does anyone else ever start to feel bogged down by reviews when you start to get MANY books deep into a series? Like, this is the eighth book in the Series of Unfortunate Events series and all the details are starting to jumble together now. I guess that’s what I get for waiting until I’ve read 6 more books before I write a review 🤣 I don’t want my reviews to suffer because of it though, but I will continue doing my best and prevail!

The Hostile Hospital was definitely a step up from The Vile Village which I thought fell a little flat. This story had the creep factor and I think that is partly why I was more engaged with this one, it was different than what had been done previously in this series. In The Hostile Hospital the Baudelaire orphans find themselves traveling with VFD to the hospital! Yay we might get answers! We might find out what VFD means! WRONG. This VFD is only Volunteers Fighting Disease, a group that roams the hospital signing cringey tunes. As is usual we only end up with more questions than answers. This book starts a long long long thread of random instances occurring in the Baudelaire children’s lives that relate to VFD but are not actually VFD.

I enjoyed this book more than previous ones because the Baudelaire’s start to become aware of their actions and how they impact their lives. They steal a string of keys from a nice man and they end up feeling incredibly guilty about it and begin to see that in reality they are no better than Count Olaf when it comes to treachery and villainy. I love this aspect of this story because we being shown some true character development. The stories will ever progress or move forward if the children don’t learn from their mistakes and grow from them. So to see it happening throughout the story makes me excited to continue this series and see how else their character arcs change.

This one is definitely the creepiest story in the series and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Violet is kidnapped and anesthetized to keep her subdued 😶
  • Klaus is forced to (almost) saw off Violet’s head
  • The Baudelaire’s are given false hope that one of their parents survived the fire
  • Count Olaf leaves behind his henchperson and he dies in the hospital fire 😮

Like, I don’t think these books could be any darker for being considered books for children! Even as an adult I’m creeped out by the events that occur in these stories! As I’m writing this I’m actually halfway through the last book in the series! (like I said, I’m way behind on my reviews!) Do you guys still want to see reviews for the 4 books between this one and The End?


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