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The A to Z of me! (Part 1)

I saw this post on Espresso Coco and wanted to give it a try! This is a fun way to kind of introduce who I am and show you things I like or enjoy and things that are important to me! I’ve never done a post like this so I assume most of you know almost nothing about me 🤷‍♀️ I suppose first I should show you my face and actually introduce myself to you before I teach you the ABC’s of my life!



Hi hello my name is Brittany! I am 27, and I live in miserable Kansas while I was born and raised in Michigan! (I’m potentially moving to Virginia/North Carolina later this year so YAY no more Midwest!). I am a Scientist for a Pharmaceutical company and I really enjoy what I do, even though I wish I could stay home and be paid to read books 😜 That’s probably enough of the boring stuff yeah? Let’s get to the A to Z of meeeeee!

By the way that bracelet I’m wearing in the photo is from Flickerwix and is part of her monthly candle boxes, a new charm for the bracelet is sent out with each box!


A : is for Allergies

Ugh, the bane of my existence. I am allergic to everything. No joke. Every type of tree, weed, and grass. So yay can’t go outdoors without being covered in hives! AND I am deathly allergic to all Shellfish! Within a minute my face swells to like, twice its normal size, I become covered in hives and rashes, and my throat swells and closes almost immediately so I can’t breathe! Also, I don’t even have to eat it for this to happen 🙃

B : is for books! (obvi)

Reading books is my biggest passion in life and I don’t know how I could function without them. They allow me to escape reality if even only for a minute and I can never be grateful enough to the authors that come up with such beautiful stories that fill my soul with love and words.

C : is for Coffee!

I think hands down Coffee is my favorite beverage. It helps keep me from being a cranky bitch in the mornings but is literally delicious any time of day. #YUM

D : is for doggos!

I have had dogs my entire life and I want nothing more in life than a house full of fluffy puppers. Growing up my family had two large (very large – like 180 lb large!) Great Danes! Right now I have a Black Lab / Pitbull / Boxer mix my boyfriend and I rescued from a local shelter! I love him to pieces!

E : is for Editions ?? (hahaha I’m struggling)

I really love collecting different editions of my favorite books! For example one of my favorite books is Strange the Dreamer and I have the US hardcover, UK softcover, Polish softcover (which is STUNNING) and I’m after the Turkish edition, the UK hardcover, and the US ARC! Hit me up if you have any of these 😉

F : is for Fall!

Fall (autumn) is my favorite season! I being able to put on a giant cozy sweater, some leggings and cute boots, and grabbing a hot coffee. I embrace the basic girl in me.

G : is for Gym

Lately I’ve been in a slump, because winter. But in the warmer months I am extremely active! I generally workout 6 days a week and also play sand volleyball twice a week! I love playing sports and going to the gym. I can’t wait for it to be above freezing again so I will actually feel like going again.

H : is for Harry Potter!

I grew up with Harry Potter as they were being released and I will forever hold Harry Potter in my heart. I reread the books every year and I want nothing more than for my future children to read and love them as much as I do.

I : is for Instagram

Instagram is where I started my book journey and I will never turn back! I love my Instagram (bookstagram) so much and have enjoyed making new friends and following so many beautiful accounts!

J : is for Jaw

This one sounds weird, but I actually have a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Which is a fancy way of saying the joint on the right side of my jaw is so unsupported (I only have 24 teeth because 4 molars plus my 4 wisdom teeth were removed to make room for braces) and now the roof of my mouth is collapsing and crushing that joint, which causes it to pop out of socket and lock my jaw in a closed position. I’ll have to have jaw surgery at some point to correct it 😢

K : is for Kitchen!

I loooove being in the kitchen and creating delicious dinners! Especially if it involves pasta, I even make homemade sauce! I’m also very fond of making some yummy overnight oats for breakfast!

L : is for Libraries!

I absolutely love the library and I think it is a wonderful resource for all readers! Imagine being able to support your favorite authors while also not breaking the bank to do it! USE YOUR LIBRARY! I use my libraries online features to check out audiobooks which I listen to every day!

M : is for Mugs

Surely since you now know how much I love coffee you had to guess I have a million and one coffee mugs right? RIGHT? Because I do. I have so many they don’t even all fit in my mug cupboard anymore, and all of my bookish mugs are on the top shelf of my bookcase! I generally won’t use those ones though because they’re so precious to me!


Okay, this was.. hard? I think we should all try this! So I tag you to do an A to Z of me post so we can all learn a little more about each other! Also I’m only going to M today because thinking of things is way harder than I anticipated? So I’m going to continue with a Part 2 next Saturday!

You can also find me here: Goodreads | Instagram | Twitter

25 thoughts on “The A to Z of me! (Part 1)”

  1. I love this. Thank you for letting us get to know you. Sorry to hear about A and J. I had jaw surgery myself to fix the same problem. Good luck. And I, too, wish someone would pay me to stay home and read.


    1. Aw thank you 💕 I had a lot of fun with this and can’t wait for part 2! And it’s okay, just part of life you learn to live with! I hope your surgery helped!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this idea and it was so great to read more about you. We share a lot of likes in common (including coffee, Harry Potter and libraries). Oh, I also loathe allergies. LOL! I’m a new follower so this was lots of fun. I really want to do an A-Z of my own soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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