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Bookshelf Tour : Part 2

Hello friends! It is time for part two of my bookshelf tour! If you are just now following along then I should tell you last week was part one of my tour and if you would like to see that as well you can find it here.


As I talked about my shelves last week you know how much it STILL bothers me that my shelves don’t match! Especially when it comes to taking photos, they’re just so mismatched it drives me crazy. I would totally take more shelfies if they were all white.

At the request of Inkish Kingdoms this week I will also be showing you all of the book boxes I have stacked on top of my shelves! I actually have a lot more that aren’t displayed and are instead in my closet.. but those ones aren’t as pretty as these and I kind of ran out of room until I decide to reorganize them.


Ugh Kingdom of Ash has SUCH a glare because the cover is so shiny. I apologize for the terrible photo. Lighting here is crap today because it’s all dark and stormy. Kingdom of Ash, Escaping from Houdini, The Devil’s Thief, and Girls of Paper and Fire are all Barnes and Noble exclusives. I also just recently acquired the out of print hardcover of Uprooted! 😍 my ARC’s of GOPaF and Crown of Feathers are also with their respective final copies. I actually just reorganized my shelves this morning so all my ARC’s are with their final copies!


Oh look another copy of Crown of Feathers 🤷‍♀️ I love it. Crown of Feathers and Heart of Iron are Owlcrate exclusives, These Rebel Waves is a Fairyloot exclusive, and Give the Dark My Love is a Shelflove Crate exclusive. On the second shelf there is a Rick and Morty Barnes and Noble exclusive graphic novel. Also, the second shelf is a little ehh in my opinion since the entire right side is basically empty. But the next shelf is entirely Harry Potter and I didn’t want to break it up. Plus when I get new books it gives me some room to reorganize.


AYYYYYY Harry Potter shelf! I really want to get more editions, like the House copies, the paperbacks that have the castle on the spine, and the new editions that form a giant mural! The boyfriend is against it though because he doesn’t get *why* I would want multiple copies of a book I’ve already read and like, I don’t understand why this kind of negativity is in my life 🤣


Time for the white shelf! On the top shelf Circle of Shadows is the Fairyloot exclusive. The second shelf is my Laini Taylor shelf and is my absolute favorite! Strange the Dreamer is my favorite book/series and I want ALL the editions! As you can see I have both the Strange the Dreamer and Muse of Nightmares US ARC’s, US hardcovers, UK paperback of StD (forever in search of my unicorn the UK hardcover with blue sprayed pages) and UK hardcover of MoN with sprayed pages, and the Polish edition of both books! I also have a funko of Sarai that I made 😍


These shelves are just kind of meh. The top shelf is the end of my alphabetical books and I had some space leftover so I just put in.. stuff haha. The second shelf has some ARC’s that I don’t have the final copy of yet and ones that are unreleased. I have the Spinning Silver hardcover BUT this UK ARC edition is just too gorgeous to put away!

That’s it for my shelves! I have two more white ones obviously but they are just full of board games and stuff, and that isn’t something you guys would be interested in. So, moving on! Time to show you the tip top of my shelves with all my boxes!


This one has some of my favorite pillow covers and my Rick and Morty funkos that could probably move down to that graphic novel now, I don’t know. They don’t really fit anywhere but I still want to show them off.


The second shelf is tiny so it can’t hold a lot. This one is also at an angle and not flush with the wall so there is a rather large gap and things have definitely fallen back there, so I try not to put too much on top of this one. This one holds my Owlcrate box, which I get every month and definitely don’t have room to collect them all. There is also a Book Boyfriend Box which went out of business and I honestly might get rid of it so I can add one or two other boxes instead.


This photo turned out really weird color wise and I blame the shiny-ness of Kingdom of Ash 😬 I might pick a different book to forward face on this shelf haha. A lot of my boxes are actually from Flick the Wick because I get them almost every month and I love their designs! The pink box is Shelflove Reads and the teal box is Shelflove Crate. There is also the year anniversary edition of Fairyloot (the purple version) and the regular black box. The top left teal box is from Whimsify and is actually a special edition box so it’s giant! The white box which is hard to see is from Unicorn Crate, and the box with Feyre and Rhysand is from Wick and Fable!


Last but not least! If you’ve made it this far, thank you! This post turned out much longer than anticipated! This one holds my Book of the Month box, which I just started subscribing to in January! Underneath that is A Court of Candles high Fae limited edition box, I believe this one was a special box for the release of A Court of Frost and Starlight. To the right of that is my Flickerwix box (which YAY I’m a rep for! Use my code Brittany10 to save!) Above that is my limited edition Owlcrate box that I got for The Wicked King. Below that is more Flick the Wick and Wick and Fable boxes!

There you have it! The last of my bookshelf tour! I hope you enjoyed, I might do this post again in another 6 months or maybe a year so you can see how my shelves have changed! Hopefully my two shelves that are just full of board games will actually contain books by then!

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8 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour : Part 2”

  1. Wow! I aspire to reach your level of book box acquisitions! And I actually just wrote a whole post trying to defend my habit of buying multiple editions of the same book 😂

    I’m also currently in the middle of reading Strange the Dreamer and I’m LOVING it! I’ve been savoring it and reading it super slowly since I’m enjoying it so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay!! I said it last time but again you have gorgeous shelves!! ❤ And I agree there are so many lovely editions of Harry Potter and it does make you want them all!! The illustrated editions are especially fancy!!
    And Kingdom of Ash just wants to shine!! ❤ Also I love the mug that says 'I'm done adulting lets be fae' because same!!
    I need to read some Laini Taylor– I have heard such good things!!


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