Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!

It’s time for Friday Favorites hosted by the lovely Kibby over at Something of the Book! Head to her page for the rules and prompts! This is a weekly meme hosted every Friday where you can show off your favorites (or least favorites) based on her weekly prompts.

This weeks prompt is favorite Fictional Worlds!

In no particular order:

Middle Earth

I am 100% sure Middle Earth will be on everyone’s list of favorite fictional worlds but I have no cares and want to be part of this group #fomo. How amazing is this world? Seriously though. It has been so many years since these books were published and there are still so many lovers of this series and of the movies as well. Simply timeless.


Wizarding World

Because I have no control I need to include Harry Potter in basically every list I make, so here we are. The Wizarding World has become such a broad and in depth world I can’t help but love it so much! Yes I know Rowling takes things too far sometimes but I can’t help but love the magic in these books and movies. I also hope to SOMEDAY visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 🙃



Throne of Glass is one of my favorite series and I think this dark and gritty world is one to marvel at. We get to see a lot of different parts of the continent with many different landscapes that are all so beautiful and haunting. I think seeing the Southern Continent in Tower of Dawn was my favorite though because it just sounds, so serene.



I freaking love EVERYTHING about Prythian. I also really love the ACOTAR books so that definitely helps. Seeing the different courts of Prythian is just something spectacular, I hope with future spin off books we get to see even more of the different courts! I would love to see more of the Autumn court and the Day and Dawn courts since we didn’t really  get to see them in the main series.



A lot of the worlds I’ve included are all surrounding Fae and like, I don’t see that as a problem 😂 like Elfhame, they tend to be magical and beautiful and completely dark, gritty, and entirely enchanting! I can’t help it! Elfhame is one of my favorites, this world is so dangerous and full of tricksters at every corner. I CANNOT WAIT for Queen of Nothing!


There are so many more I want to include but I either don’t have photos for them or can’t remember a lot about them! I’m hoping to branch out into more adult fantasy soon so hopefully those would all make my next list! I know a lot of people will be including series like The Wheel of Time and Mistborn, someday I will read them!

What fictional worlds are your favorite?

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13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!”

  1. Harry Potter just has to be included, it’s earned the right but I agree with J.K Rowling taking it too far sometimes hahaha would be much better if she just left alone! Lovely post and the photos are beautiful btw!☺️

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