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Flickerwix Monthly Candle Box!

Hello friends and happy Saturday! Today I am going to be showing you my unboxing of the Flickerwix monthly candle subscription box! Every month Katie puts together a theme and designs a candle box around said theme. Inside is a variety of useful items and they always include several beautiful candles!

Katie is the glitter queen, her candles are always FULL of beautiful glitter and have amazing scents paired with a fantastic throw. I am a rep for Katie’s shop so I have a discount code that will save you 10% on all orders in her shop! You can use Brittany10 at checkout to save.

Aprils’s theme was Catalyst and Chaos! Inspired by all things Sci-Fi Kristoff and Kaufman to celebrate the release of their upcoming novel Aurora Rising on May 7th!


Look at all these goodies! Katie’s boxes come packed to the brim with so many items and SO MANY candles! This one had 4 candles and some wax melts!

Items included in this box:

  1. Squad 312 (4oz candle) – Flickerwix
  2. The Illuminae Group (2oz candle) – Flickerwix
  3. Lucy, The Space Cow (2oz candle) – Flickerwix
  4. Beitech Pounders (2oz candle) – Flickerwix
  5. Stronger Together (wax melts) – Flickerwix
  6. Astronaut Book Light – Book Dragon Supply
  7. Lifel1k3 inspired woodmark – Book Dragon Supply
  8. Pillow Case – designed by Stella Bookish Art
  9. Page Flags – Girl of All Work
  10. Galaxy Washi Tape – Book Dragon Supply
  11. Aidan Power Supply Bank – Flickerwix
  12. Rocket Necklace – Book Dragon Supply
  13. Monthly Charm – Flickerwix
  14. Kady Grant Art (spoiler card) – designed by Oxida
  15. Custom box – designed by Stella Bookish Art and Flickerwix


Here is a closeup of the three 2 ounce candles!

Candle Scents:

  • Lucy, The Space Cow – Alfalfa, Ozone, and Fresh Clover
  • The Illuminae Group – Sugar, Berries, Citrus, and Moxie
  • Beitech Pounders – Citrus, Nutmeg, and Crushed Civilians

These 2oz candles also features quotes on the side of the tins which you can see below:


Not only are these candles adorable in design but they also look and smell amazing! Just look at all that glitter! Below I will show the 4oz candle which I think is my favorite of the bunch!


Candle Scent:

  • Cool Mint, Vanilla, and Deep Space


Here we have the Stronger Together wax melt, the Lifel1k3 inspired woodmark (which is double sided!) and the Aidan power bank which comes in handy while taking photos because man does that deplete my phones battery quickly 😂

Wax Melt Scent:

  • Vanilla, Berries, and Pomegranate


Here we have the Astronaut book light (which is super cute and SUPER bright! You lift the visor of his helmet to turn it on and off), the Rocket necklace, monthly charm (this month was a little robot!), the page flags, and the galaxy washi tape!


Here we have the absolutely stunning artwork of Kady, which is also the spoiler card, and the beautiful pillowcase that was designed by one of my favorite artists!


And last but certainly not least is the custom box! This box is so stunning, I have it displayed on one of my bookshelves now!

Seriously though how amazing are Katie’s boxes!?!? I am so happy I get to be a rep for such an amazing person and such an amazing shop. Head on over to Flickerwix and see the TONS of candles she has available, be sure to use my code Brittany10 at checkout to save!

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Bookishly Brittknee

5 thoughts on “Flickerwix Monthly Candle Box!”

  1. Gosh this box was incredible. I really want to get their October box (Katie has told me it is right up my alley)! X


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