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Flickerwix Monthly Candle Box!

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! Today I am going to be showing you my unboxing of the Flickerwix monthly candle subscription box! Every month Katie puts together a theme and designs a candle box around said theme. Inside is a variety of useful items and they always include several beautiful candles!

Katie is the glitter queen, her candles are always FULL of beautiful glitter and have amazing scents paired with a fantastic throw. I am a rep for Katie’s shop so I have a discount code that will save you 10% on all orders in her shop! You can use Brittany10 at checkout to save.

May’s theme was Admit One! This box was curated to celebrate the release of Finale!


Look at all these goodies! Katie’s boxes come packed to the brim with so many items and SO MANY candles!

Items included in this box:

  1. Finale (4oz candle) – Flickerwix
  2. The Game Master (2oz candle) – Flickerwix
  3. Deck of Destiny (2oz candle) – Flickerwix
  4. The Dragna Sisters (2oz candle) – Flickerwix
  5. Masquerade Mask – Book Dragon Supply
  6. Woodmark – Book Dragon Supply and Morgana0Anagrom
  7. Pillowcase – Blanca Design
  8. Quote Bracelet – PhraseOlogyBoutiqe
  9. Wooden Sign – BookishSigns
  10. Red Rose Pen – Flickerwix
  11. Top Hat Monthly Charm – Flickerwix
  12. Legend art (spoiler card) – Morgana0Anagrom

I currently don’t have any more pictures of this box because it has no stopped raining and storming for over 3 weeks here, so I have no good light to take close ups of anything and actually get a good photo 😭 when I do though I will absolutely update this post to show you all how splendid this box was in detail! I still wanted to show you guys everything though now because before we know it June’s box will be here!

Have you read Finale? Did you enjoy it?

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Bookishly Brittknee

4 thoughts on “Flickerwix Monthly Candle Box!”

  1. Ahh, I love seeing candle subscription boxes, as they’re my favourite thing to get in a book box, but I can never find many that aren’t extortionate to ship to the UK. So I’m living vicariously through all these reviews. It looks amazing! ❤


    1. I think Katie’s boxes are fairlllly well priced for international shipping but I’m not entirely sure. I can’t wait for this month’s Villains box! I’ll have another unboxing up towards the end of the month 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your photo is gorgeous as always! And big mood about the rain 😪 It’s almost like every time you absolutely need to take pictures, the weathers like NOPE. I haven’t read Finale yet, because I’m honestly a bit scared for the series to end 😂


    1. Thank you! Thankfully the rain has stopped! But now I’m moving in 2 weeks and basically everything is packed away so no new photos from me for a little bit 🙈 I hope you end up enjoying Finale whenever you get around to it!


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