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My 2020 Bookish Goals!

Hello my wonderful friends and Happy New Year!

I have this feeling 2020 is going to be an amazing year and even more so for the bookish community! Book sales are up, local book stores are thriving, and there are TONS of incredible books releasing this year!

I wanted to start this year off on a good note by writing down everything I hope to achieve this year. I don’t want to call them resolutions because I am not trying to limit myself on anything and I don’t want to put a stigma on them to where I make myself suffer trying to achieve them. These are just things I want to work towards this year and if it happens then that’s even more amazing!

I am going to break my goals up into different sections depending on what platform they are for.

Bookishly Brittknee (My Blog!)

1 . Grow my blogs following to 1,250 followers! (currently just under 800 so I feel this is realistic for the year)

2 . Post a review for every book I read in 2020!

3 . Have every month be over 1,000 monthly views.


1 . Grow my Instagram following to 7,500 followers! (currently at just over 5,000)

2 . Continue posting at least once a day.

3 . Continue participating in monthly photo challenges.

4 . Host more giveaways!


1 . Read 125 books! Any platform that works for me at the time counts! (I love listening to Audiobooks while driving or working out, reading ebooks at work, and physical books at home!)

2 . Write a review for every book I read in 2020, even if they are short sometimes!

3 . Grow my friends list to 750! (I find this to be the hardest platform to grow lol)

4 . Give out 5 star reviews less frequently. Truly only give them to books that absolutely amaze me, instead of throwing them out like confetti.


1 .  Grow my following to 3,000 followers!

2 .  Be less anxious about responding to people, retweeting, or talking to authors! My account can only grow if I put myself out there more.


1 .  Be braver and more confident when it comes to sending in requests to publishers and authors.

2. Be more confident in my ability to write good reviews!

What are your goals for 2020? Anything similar to mine or anything you think I should add to mine? A lot of them are pretty similar, I am mainly focused on growing my followings across my social media platforms and focusing on writing reviews for all of the books I read this year!

You can also find me here: Goodreads | Instagram | Twitter

Bookishly Brittknee

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